About Peoples Club of Nigeria International

Brief History of Peoples Club
Peoples club was formed in 1971 in Aba (Present Abia state of Nigeria) by a small group of individuals led by Chief Titus I. Ume-Ezeoke of blessed memory. It was a period of hopelessness following the devastation of the Nigeria civil war which ended in 1970. It was formed with the spirit of uniting people of like-minds, for social interaction. It was timely and it was well received because of it’s founding principle of “be your brother’s Keeper” embodied in it’s motto: unity,love & Service

Since the initial formation,it has grown like wild fire. BY the year 2000, there was a branch of Peoples Club in every major city in Nigeria. Peoples club heaquarters is now in Onitsha, Anambra state of Nigeria.

Peoples club is often immitated but seldom duplicated. Since 1971, there have been a rash of other clubs, that were formed to compete with Peoples club, but non of them have been nearly as successful. This continual success and growth is credited to it’s membership for their love, loyalty and dedication to this elite organization.

Peoples Club international
Peoples club of Nigeria awarded the first international Branch to Houston, Texas in 1997. Since then other branches have followed: Washington, Galveston TX, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, New York City, cherry hill NJ, London, Dallas, Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami, San francisco, Preston Juction NY,  Arlington TX,  Austin TX, and  Orlando FL.

Peoples Club Protocol
Perhaps more than anything else, it is what seperates Peoples Club from every other organization out there. It is what gives it, it’s distinct flavor and elevates it above all other organization of it’s kind.
Peoples Club’s code of conduct or protocol!
Everything in Peoples club follows a certain formality and etiquette. Peoples club membership is about respect for each other, recorgnition for each other and adherence to a strict code of social ethics and decorum. Peoples club is about class, elegance and nobility, in the pusuit of happiness. From the pageantry and ovation of simple entrance of members, to sitting arrangements, to the way they talk and when they talk, Peoples club members exude enthusiasm, orderliness and discipline. They have a superior sence of hierarchy, procedure and comportment. In Peoples club there is no hurry. It must be done right.
It is a matter of protocol!